The Third Millennium

A Virtual World's Fair and Exposition on the Internet.

with Continuing Projects of Global Impact Using the Internet's Full Potential to Transform


I have a proposal for the proper observation of the third millennium and the realization of it's ideals on the Internet-.


The online 3-D immersive environment would also be a platform for continuing projects of benefit to the entire globe into the indefinite future. At this time there are millions people participating in online games and simulations. They live, work, play and own property in a 3D online world. The techniques for these software ad-ons already exists.

Why use the paradigm of an online World's Fair? Click Here

Overall - a virtual site - a world - within the Internet's (like the online games) that will require some downloaded software for virtual effects. The dominant mode would be a 3D view - first person or overhead.

The component ideas are not mine - they are emerging from the shared hope and vision of people who anticipate what is emerging at this special threshold in time. There are many millennial themes emerging from people of good will who think in terms of globalism and millennial, global activism to anticipate the best directions for our shared future. -- Millennialism -Working toward a global consensus for peace and tolerance. -(see the Charter for Tolerance web site)- The sustainable use of resources in an economic global system. -- A globalization model that avoids the extremes of unequal distribution: - entire regions below a poverty line that promotes continuous suffering.

Update - - - In June, 2010 I found out that there was a World Fair on the internet. I said the components are not mine but the whole idea was already done. I knew it was a natural and a great idea. -(see THE INTERNET 1996 WORLD EXPOSITION Carl Malamud wrote a book about it. In his introductery words:

"Over the course of 1995, I made seven trips around the world to enlist people in this wild scheme. All over the world people saw that this was more than a way of building a web site, or installing a large computer or getting a cybercafe off the ground. World's fairs attract international attention. As the local representatives of this international event, they were able to go to government ministers and heads of state, wheedle thier corporate leaders to keep up with their foreign competitors, and approach thier national artist to show off their cultural heritage.

By January, 1996 a world's fair had come into being. To my astonishment, it was truly a world's fair. A dozen heads of state had endorsed our efferts, corporations contibuted close to $100 million in resources, over 85 regions of the world opened pavilllions, and over five million people came to visit us. This fair may have been intangible, maybe even invisible, but it turned out to be very real."

What a monumental acheivement. I always though that this idea was full sprung and rooted in the ideals that the global internet evokes. I was undoubtedly influenced by this at some level as was people throughout the whole world. At this time I would like to see the next level. My baseline suggestion would be enhanced by these previous ideas, especially the links to actual, ongoing activities throughout the world.

The overall idea is to acheive the high aims of millennial thught and existing projects while making them more attractive and participatory by bringing in all the excitement and entertainment of the World's Fair platform.

Non Commercial.

Paid For:

  1. Corporate and Country Sponsors who will have their own "pavilions".
  2. A sponsoring WORLDS FAIR AND EXPOSITION CORP. can raise money from any other sources.
  3. Government


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